• Gearbox Service & Repair

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Industrial Gearbox Service & Repair

Progressive Machine Works offers a full range of industrial gearbox repair and maintenance services. We specialize in heavy duty and large gearbox rebuilding and repair for heavy industries such as maritime and power generation.

We bring deep repair and installation expertise for all types of gear boxes such as, shaft-mounted, right-angle, helical, hardened & ground , semi-automatic and automatic & many others.

We’re a full-service repair partner including CAD design and modeling to any required fabrication and machining and post-service maintenance. We can repair and install gearboxes regardless of materials including steel, cast iron, copper and aluminum.

We’re also equipped to provide emergency repair services and offer ongoing support, gear reduction services, inspection, custom-fabrication and other support services.

Gearbox Installation

Progressive Machine Works uses fully-trained service experts to ensure your new, upgraded or repaired equipment is professionally installed at the highest standards.

Correct installation of your power transmission equipment is critical to reliable operation. To ensure a smooth start, we provide full installation services for any industrial gearbox.

Gearbox Inspection

Our team of engineers use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques to inspect any gearbox and provide a thorough analysis of your gearbox condition, operating ability and recommended course of action.

Gearbox Repair

With our team of highly-trained and experienced engineers plus our global network of suppliers plus in-house capabailities, we can ensure that your equipment is repaired in the shortest possible time, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Gearbox Replacement Parts

When you need replacement parts for your gearbox, time is money. We can supply you with any parts you need, regardless of manufacturer, typically within days, not weeks or months.

If you’re looking for parts that are no longer in production or readily available, we can reverse engineer your parts and create exactly what you need.

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